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Default Re: Need Minnie Mouse party hat bow help! I'm overwhelmed, distraught,

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
Another idea, is you don't like the bow above, use your satin ribbon and make two tuxedo bows and put them together so that it looks fuller. With the time crunch and yu being overwhelmed, I would keep it simple at this point. I can only imagine that it is already so cute with the ears and having the number 3 and all. Don't sweat a bow. Minnies bow is pretty simple.
Now, there's a thought!!! Being bow-challenged, though, I'm not sure if you mean that I would stack them (and would I make the top one slightly smaller than the bottom one?)--or place them side by side (long sides touching), pinch them together and join them with one center ribbon?

I think I'm in love with you! I've literally been making myself sick to my stomach, trying to make a hat that my granddaughter will love and that my own DD will be proud of (in front of the "other" grandmother... you know how that is!!)
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