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Unhappy Need Minnie Mouse party hat bow help! I'm overwhelmed, distraught,

nervous, worried, frantic, frustrated, confused, and ready to gouge my eyes out with the tip on the top of the hat!!!

My sweet 3-year-old granddaughter's birthday party is on Saturday. The theme is Minnie Mouse, and she desperately wants a party hat (with EARS) to go with her dress, which was made by a lovely lady on Etsy. In a moment of delusion, I told my daughter, who has been quite sick with mono for the past month, "Don't give the hat another thought! I'll make it! No problem! Trust me!"

I won't even begin to describe how non-No Problem it was, but the bulk of it is made at this point (ears included!). All that's left, besides affixing a number three to the front, which I want to do after the bow is in place, is making said bow.

After spending hours of online research trying to find the best Minnie-like bow, I went ahead and made a tuxedo bow (my very first bow ever!), using 1.5 pink with white dots gg ribbon. It came out to about 3.75 inches wide. When I held it up at the top of the hat, in between the dreaded ears, I was aghast to discover that it looked downright pitiful. It's just too small for the space.

Here is where I stand right now:

1. The party is in less than 72 hours.

2. I only have 25.75 inches of ribbon left. (If I get desperate enough, I do have 3 yards of 7/8 satin ribbon in the same color.) I have neither
the time nor the money to buy any more ribbon. Oh, if it helps, I do have 7/8 gg ribbon in solid pink or 3/8 solid white for the center.

3. I've only made the one bow (the aforementioned tuxedo) and need to find a style that I maybe, possibly, with the grace of God, and many, many HG prayers could actually make (aka easy)--with only one shot at it using the "good" ribbon.

4. I am overwhelmed, distraught, nervous, etc., by the different names used to describe the same bow. One person's "basic" bow is another's "twisted boutique", or another's "pinwheel". This sad reality is making it difficult for me to research tuts by the exact name of the bow, since they seem to vary so much. Oh, and some of the tuts I found that looked semi-semi-semi promising were for 7/8 ribbon, which I'm afraid will be too narrow, and because of the Name Problem, I can't figure out which length ribbon I'll need for 1.5 ribbon, using the ribbon length "charts" out there, including the ones on the forum.

5. The pinwheel seems to be the easiest for newbies to make, but I don't think that it looks particularly like the one that Real Minnie wears. I did find this version on that looks like it might work:

But the problem with it is that the only tut I could find for a pinwheel on the HG site was for a slightly different style, which I don't think looks as Real Minnie-like:

6. I'm deranged enough at this point that I'm actually seriously considering trying a twisted. Yes, twisted.

7. Here are the twisted tuts I've found that look the easiest--"easiest" being a relative term: (last video on page) (This looks like a pic version of the youtube one. Both use homemade tuts and techniques that resemble NBNG's.)

Are you still awake???

If so, here are my specific questions:

A. Any chance that I could pull off a twisted? It wouldn't have to be perfect; in fact, if the bottom loops are larger than the top, it would actually resemble Real Minnie's more!

B. If I go with a twisted, how wide should I make the template for a 4-inch bow? At the end of the youtube video, the narrator shows a few other sizes of templates that she uses. The bow she makes in the video uses one that is 4.5 inches wide and calls for 22.5 inches of 7/8 ribbon. (She never specifies how big the bow is; it looks like about 3 inches to me.) Another template she uses is 6 inches wide and calls for 29 inches of 1.5 ribbon. Again, no idea of size of bow, and I only have 25.75 inches of ribbon. Would, say, a 5.5-inch template make a bow that is about 4 inches wide and uses 25-25.5 inches of ribbon?

C. If the 4.5-inch pinwheel is my best bet, where is the tut for it?

D. I am open to and would welcome any other suggestions!

Thanks so much! (Sorry this was so long.)

P.S. Uh-oh. This tut suggests a ribbon length of 32 inches for a 4-inch twisted using 1.5 ribbon. I'm about 6 inches too short!

I guess I could always use the icky 7/8 satin, but I would imagine that it would be too slippery for a newbie to use, especially in a twisted.
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