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Default Re: Help with a tutu style prom dress

Originally Posted by Jaykrusen View Post
OK, like Tiara said, that is NOT tulle. You are very brave to take on a project like that for your third garment LOL.

It is either chiffon or organza, and even if you cut it on the bias it IS going to ravel and honestly, you're going to be pulling your hair out if you are going to sew chiffon or organza on a bias. Trust me on this. Not only will it pull out of shape while sewing, The first rule of sewing a skirt on the bias is to let it hang for 24 to 48 hours after attaching the skirt because it WILL fall out of shape, then you cut the hem even and THEN you finish the edges. And aside from all of that, those fabrics slip like crazy and there are several layers in that skirt.

If you are using tulle for the skirt perhaps trying the ribbon sewn on the edges for a ribbon candy effect on the layers. Here is a link to a tutu with ribbon on it.

I know this works because my friend Jozel did it over the weekend on an American Girl tutu and it came out beautiful! Also with the ribbon attached you don't use as much tulle.

Also, step by step progress on the forum under sewing gallery would be nice and we can maybe offer suggestions along the way LOL!!!

Good Luck!!!
Very good advice! I missed where this was Tara's third garment. Yeah, scratch using organza and cutting it on the bias. Go with ribbon lined tulle as Jayne suggested. Not only is working with fabric on the bias difficult, but is very time consuming as well! DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME (YET), SORRY!
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