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Default Re: Help!!!Does anyone know how to make this rose or whre to find a tutorial???

Originally Posted by lakesidesewing View Post
The first one is made from knit material...I'll try and walk you through without pics...I've got pneumonia so not doing too much sewing right this minute...use old t-shirts to practice with before you buy knit material...actually, if you can get the right weight...they make beautiful flowers. You want to look for a t-shirt that is medium to heavy weight. You cut the fabric to look like an elongated smile.....tapered at both ends. The longer it is the fuller the flower. The pics you posted are pretty short I would say around a foot or so. You can roll hem the curved side or leave it raw. You want to gather the bottom straight edge loosely then start attaching it to a small piece of felt or same knit circle. Just roll it around and tuck the end under the bottom. To finish, either blanket stitch around the circle connecting the outside of the flower all the way around or hot glue it.

Hope that made sense for you.

I hope you get to feeling better. I'm so glad you were able to explain that without the photos I just got finished getting out my material to make them and take photos to show the process... I'm so glad I checked here before I started. I didn't think I could explain it well without pictures. Now I can get back to my bows for the bow swap . The second set is also made with knit material also.
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