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Default Re: Camera Hunting Help Please

First off, I am faaar from being any expert but I recently took a photography class (for every day pics, not for those pursuing a career) and they gave us some good pointers when shopping for cameras

1. Purchase one with a Manual mode. You want to be able to change your shutter speed, aperture, white balance, exposure, etc.

2. It is better to purchase from a local camera shop. Before going in, know your budget. 1. Because they usually have a repair shop available. 2. They can walk you through what camera does what. 3. You can find better bundle deals there than online or in the electronic stores. 4. They would be better to assist you in purchasing accessories for your camera.

3. I was told that the Canon rebel does well for those starting out but Nikon is sometimes the preferred along with Olympus. It's all usually a preference.

4. Don't go spending thousands of dollars unless you can make good use of it. In other words, if you purchase a low end SLR, you are still doing better than your every day point and shoot.

5. (optional) Purchase a camera with a detachable flash. Sometimes the flash can be a hindrance versus a help.

6. There is nothing wrong with a point and shoot as long as it does what you need it to. So if the budget is tight, you still can't go wrong with purchasing a point and shoot.

7. Once again I am not a professional and someone may chime and in and be like "SHE'S CRAZAY!!!!DON'T LISTEN TO HER!" lol

Good luck to you and hope one of the ladies who have more expertise chime in.
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