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Default Re: Help! Need step by steps on how to make a halter tutu dress

Here is my version:
How to Make Multi-Layer Tutu Dress

Originally Posted by waterbaby2086 View Post
I am wanting to make a ball gown style halter tutu dress ( the kind where the tulle falls down from her chest to the floor) for my one year old, but have never done it before and cant decide what would be the best way t0 go. I have seen them made with elastic bands and with crochet head band tops. Which works the best and how would I make it out of 3 different colors so the colors are interchanging not just one color on top of each other. Also if I were to use the headband for the body I want to tulle to cover the head band all the way up to the top so she is covered all over. How would I do this? Another thing, is how to i connect the ribbon for the halter top to the crochet part or how could i make regular straps?

this are two pictures of what I am trying to do, the gold one is the one with the colors I will be using and the other is the crochet headband style i am also trying to do.

headband one -

the colors i am using -
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