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Default Re: Tutorial for this blossom???

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
when i looked at this flower . . . i couldn't figure out how she hid all the stitching/gathering/raw edges in the middle. it's okay if you put a large center - but she has just a tiny rhinestone.

found this . . . great way to hide center stitches . . . and i wonder if it would work if one made the entire flower like the center . . . using double petals. it'd really cut the work in 1/2! of course, one would alter the pattern to make the petal wider.

edit . . . oops - forgot about this tutorial . . . i wonder if the other/wrong side could be used . . . i'm all for quick/easy and less pieces!
I've got this flower and am pretty sure you are right with the double petal as the last layer.
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