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Default Re: Does anyone know how to make a pettipuff?

The way they look, you take a strip of tulle, probably about 2-3" wide, fold it in half and press (gently and with low heat--tulle melts LOL Ask me how I know...) Then take a needle with a long thread, sew close to the open edge with a hand gathering stitch. After you are done, pull the thread tight to gather the tulle and take a stitch to hold the tulle at this length. Start at one end and roll the tulle, keeping the bottom (the area where the stitches are) flat, putting a dab of glue at intervals to hold it. When you get to the end, put glue there to hold it. Experiment with the width and length of the tulle to get the puff the size you want. These are often then glued onto a felt circle for stability and to make it easier to attach to a headband. I hope this helps and is not too confusing! Any questions, just ask!
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