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Default Re: How to make up Modeling packages?

Good question. Are you talking like professional models? I think if it were me I might start with people that I know that have girls the ages you need, and see if you could borrow the kids for pictures and let the mom pick a free item or two? Or maybe even let her pick from the pictures you have done and give her a free 8x10 or something?

Also-do you know any photographers? If so, you might see if they might want a few things for the studio, and then see if they will trade items for pictures of the items on some children? Some parents would be flattered that you are using their child, and would just need to sign off. My sister does pictures and has used some of my crochet hats in them, so she has tagged me and my business in them, then it ends up being advertising for both of us on our pages.

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