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Default Re: Tutorial for this blossom???

Originally Posted by fancyschmancybyjeni View Post
Pretty sure that she cut 9 rounded squares. Next, hold one square like a diamond and fold the corner like a fan twice. Put a tiny dab of super hot- hot glue or put a stitch through to hold your petal in a loose fan shape. Repeat with the other petals. Take a small circle of felt or fleece and glue or stitch 5 petals to the felt/ fleece in a flower shape. Then make a top layer with your remaining 4 petals (glue or stitch down.)

Add bling and a clip and you're done!

BTW, this flower WILL fray unless you heat seal the edges which she has not done. If you look closely, one pic does have fray and there will be more.

Best of luck!!
Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
on 2nd thought, I think it IS a circle...

Something like this (see attached pdf)

a couple disclaimers:

1. I haven't tried this with fabric...I just had a thought and folded is supposed to be a circle, but it was as close as I can cut freehand.

2. I only invested like 10 min into thinking about this and about 15 putting this doc together, so it is by no means a complete tutorial of any kind.

3. You're on your own with sizes and # of petals.

I think maybe lines 1 and 2 should be angled a little to get the right proportions and still connect at the bottom, but you get the (very) rough idea.


If you try it and it works well let me know.
Thank you both for sharing your interpretations!
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