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Default Re: Bad follow through from customer..what do you think?

I know it sounds mean, but whatever you do do NOT do her order without payment. At least half up front and FULL on delivery. I have learned the hard way not to trust anyone.

My daughter danced at this very prestigious studio, in competitions, for 11 years. My sister and I began making costumes for them. I always took payment on delivery and this worked out well...until ONE time we were rushed because THEY could not make decisions and I delivered without payment up front. Understand I knew these people for 11 years! They were my friends AND the owner charged at LEAST double sometimes triple what I charged her. She paid me about 1/3 of the $20,000 she owed me, and never paid me another cent, even thought the children dancing did not get their costumes until they paid in full. Thankfully the 1/3 covered my expenses, but not the amount of work we put in to make all those costumes.

Sorry to bore you with my stories lol.

Originally Posted by nicolegoodrich View Post
I do believe she is in her mid 30's so she knows or should know what it takes to order items in a timely matter. I heard from her today and she said she had not ordered from anyone else and she is having a hard time collecting money from her customers and asked if I could help her out. I declined and told her I needed full payment. I have not heard back.
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