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Default Bad follow through from customer..what do you think?

Hey Ladies,

I have this one customer that is local that has told me that she is going to be ordering bows for the last month or so. I have contacted her multiple times to get her final numbers but she never seems to have them. I can see on her page that she competes next week and I still have not heard from her. What do you do? I don't want her to tell people that I did not have them ready in time but she never finalized her order from me. She knows alot of people in the area and I don't want it to affect my business. What would you do?

I emailed her last week and told her that I would not have time to order the material if she did not pay a deposit and give me numbers and she texted back and said she would have them that night but I never heard back. Do I just drop it? I don't want to be blamed for them not having bows!
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