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Default Re: Help picking a camera

Go Nikon!! I have the d300s and I love it! Canon is good, but they are not great at focusing, and so for detail shots with product, that is super important. I just saw one incredible photographer switched from Canon to Nikon. Granted the focusing issue is a bigger problem in low light situations, but if you are thinking of doing any type of photography that is something to consider. Personally, I feel the Nikons capture more true colors. I have some photog friends and pretty much everyone shoots Canon. When assisting on a wedding, they were checking out some of my detail shots and commented that the reds are more vibrant and true on my camera than they are with Canon. I also have a florist friend who now shoots with a Canon she was given, but said she really misses her old Nikon. She felt the photos were better and the colors were more vibrant. This is just my opinion though. Good luck whateve you decide.
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