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Default Re: Storing finished Bottlecaps until your next show??


I store them in those plastic jewelry boxes with the compartments. I think I can hold about 300 finished caps (with resin drop) in these. I buy mine at Michaels with the coupon

Very similar to this:

I stack metal against metal and resin against resin, ie...back to back, front to front. If you stack the bottle caps all going the same way, the resin will stick to the metal

You can also use the jewelery trays, but it is the more expensive option. You can get at a jewelry supply store. I do mostly flat caps, so I will need the ones that have 32 slots. If you do regular caps, I think you can use the 50 slot trays. I'm not sure though.

Looks expensive, but the price is per TWO trays.

I actually have a case that can hold 15 of those trays stacked, so with one little nylon case, I can have 480 bottle caps at a show Plus maybe more in plastic cases as extra refill stock This little nylon case is just slightly bigger than a small piece of luggage on wheels.

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