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Default Re: How can I get my bottlecaps to dry faster?

Originally Posted by tinkerbell_716 View Post
I use ET lite and once they are set and there are no bubbles, I pre heat the oven at 190 then put them in and turn the oven off. They are hard in about 30 minutes. HTH
I realize this is an old thread, but I am new to making bottle caps and have been having a terrible time getting them to turn out right, in an expedient fashion. Hopefully others can learn from my trial and error.

I first tried using ET lite, but had many bubbles, thought it was messy, took too long to dry etc. Then I tried Aleene's Paper Glaze, and the Sakura 3D Crystal Laquer. Here are my thoughts.

Aleene's Paper Glaze and the Sakura 3D Crystal Laquer do dry quicker, are less messy (no mixing!), and can turn out nice if you're in a hurry. They are not exempt from bubbling or making your image run, you still have to do trial and error (or at least I did).

If done right, ET Lite makes a much nicer looking bottle cap. It gives you the "domed" and magnifying effect that I like. I have learned that I have to almost torch mine with a long candlestick lighter several times to get rid of all the bubbles. I tried exhaling and blowing through a straw which gets you some results but not perfectly consistent.

I also tried the above suggestion to get mine to dry faster. I have 3 kids under 6 and limited counter space, so leaving things that should not be touched out in the open is not an ideal situation. It did get them to dry faster, but I found that it lost the "doming" effect. I'm not sure why- maybe the heat flattens them a bit. In fact, the resin lifts very slightly from the image at the edges if you look closely. I bought a desk-sized, 3-shelf sterlite container which I am putting them in to dry now. It keeps them covered but minimizes the counter space I am using.

I think I could write a book about my experiments with bottle cap making. For some reason I've really struggled with it, making me more determined to master it! This is something that, to turn out right, can't be rushed, much to my dismay. If you go into it with that attitude, you'll save yourself a lot of misery.
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