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Default Re: Websites and or Facebook?

I am a cheer coach & mom and kind of fell into the cheer bow world. I now have a pretty successful Bow Business and jugle both a facebook and am working on my website. I am now in two childrens boutiques and am trying to get into a few hair salons/childrens hair cut places. I have done a few competitions as well as local craft shows. A few a local Allstar team/gymnastics facility and if they do not sell bows in house ask if you can set up a merchandise table. Most will welcome it. Or offer them a $ amount per bow and treat it like a fundraiser. As far as finding cheer comps...I went on and searched for cheerleading competitions in Pa. You can do the same in your state and they will all come up..dates and contacts! Offer coaches a group discounts and word will spread! You will be so busy you wont know what to do. Hope I gave you some insight! ) Good Luck!
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