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Question Need help in deciphering a tulle pom pom tut...

I haven't had much luck making a tulle pom pom, using the basic tut that's everywhere (i.e., cut tulle into rectangles or wrap around a piece of card and then cut; tie center of stack with thread and "fluff"). I haven't tried the donut template method because I don't have enough tulle (only 2/3 yd, and it's in two cuts). I have only 10 days to make a fairy princess wand for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday, so I'm getting nervous.

What I'm not understanding in this tut is what the poster means by "BUT the first one will be crease side up, second one crease side down..." in the 2nd step, and I can't figure it out from the pic, either. What do "up" and "down" mean?

I welcome any and all interpretations! Thanks!
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