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Default Re: Pointy/leaf tip bow instructions

Originally Posted by barleymom View Post
I'm not sure what you mean. You put the folds together in order that they are marked. You are supposed to have one tail at the top and one at the bottom. Maybe if you post a photo of what you ended up with, I can understand what you're asking. I have attached a photo from an old tutorial I did for this bow using 5/8" ribbon. (Funny how it's also hot pink!) Maybe that will help. It shows the pin going through the holes I made in the ribbon with the woodburner.

The problem with printed ribbon is, the other side is usually just white or else you can see the dots or prints through to on the other side. But if you do use it you'd probably want the print to end up on the inside of the bow where it will be more visible. I'm not sure how bulky it will end up if you line a printed ribbon.

prleaf, cute! As I said above, my original tut for this bow at the free hairbows group used 5/8" ribbon. I did this new one up with 1 1/2" and two layers since that was the bow that someone wanted instructions for.
thanks . . . and i discovered the narrower the ribbon - the smaller the bow has to be to get the pointy tips . . . yup, one of my experiments was using 3/8 and i think marking at every 4" = not good!

wide ribbon scares the crap out of me . . . but maybe i'll give it a try w/this type of bow.
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