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Default Re: Pointy/leaf tip bow instructions

Originally Posted by raelin06 View Post
Dumb questions here...
Are you taking the ribbon on top, bottom, or middle after making the second loop. Does that make sense? When I got finished I had a tail on top and a tail on the very bottom, so I couldn't tie anything.

And does it make a difference if you are using printed ribbon?

i've done it also w/printed ribbon & i'll take a pic when the sun shines tomorrow morning . . . but if you look at the grey one above, that would be the all printed side . . . and the other side just has the pointy caps showing the print - so if you look at the turquoise one - just the pointy caps would be the printed ribbon.

now, if you did it in the reverse . . . oh my goodness - so many different looks!

one tail goes to the right and the opposing tail goes to the left . . . and you gotta kinda squish the tails under if you put a wrapped center - like the grey one above

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