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Default Re: Ordering Fake Bow Samples

Originally Posted by pruckels View Post
I am the girl in question's father.

While there are some things here that are not adding up, it would appear that my daughter is the focus of this discussion. As her parent, I am embarrassed that she displayed such questionable judgement, but 13 year olds aren't always known for doing that. Of course, being a 13 year old girl isn't the easiest thing in the world, either. I can confirm that someone else seems to have accessed her email account and changed the password, and I am currently working with their customer support process to regain access to her account. I also received copies of the email from the person that sent her a sample, and the writing style is hers, but there was no mention of a teammates' mother dying of breast cancer. That issue is especially troubling to me, as well, since her best friend has cancer, and her grandmother (my mother) died of breast cancer. I'm not looking for sympathy, just trying to fill in some of the blanks and make sense of whatever it is that's going on.

We have had a conversation with the cheerleading coaches. While they are willing to let the matter drop (in spite of a number of you threatening to sue the gym), my wife and I are considering pulling her from cheerleading. As an aside, "fury" is not the name of the team that she is on, which is why some of this is not adding up. If any of you received an actual email (sent from an email address, not a contact form on a web site), if you could get in touch with me and forward that email to me (pruckelshaus AT gmail DOT com), I would appreciate it. I am an IT professional and I can tell from the message headers what ISP the message was sent from, as well as the IP address, which will go a long way towards resolving some of the unanswered questions that I have.

I have contacted the one person who sent her a sample and will be sending the sample back to her, and will compensate her for postage. If anyone else sent her a sample, I will either pay for it, or send it back, whichever you prefer.

I guess the bottom line is this. While I have a very difficult time believing that my daughter would try to do something like this, I'm also one of those parents who realizes that his kids (like all kids) aren't perfect, yet I love them just the same.

I apologize for this whole situation, and I appreciate your understanding.

Pete Ruckelshaus
I am the vendor who received the request for the breast cancer bow (I did not send a sample). The request did come through our website form. I would be more than happy to forward you whatever information you need.
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