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Default Re: Hate to say this, but..... (BBM Issues)

Yes the binder goes a long way with the explainig and like with everything else just practice. If you can post pics then we can maybe see what you are doing wrong?
Originally Posted by pat font View Post
did you receive the pink binder with the templates...cause mines has a detailed instrutions with picures on it and it is very easy to understand anyway I am sure you can mail LPLB and ask her and if you bought the ultimate kit then you have access to the yahoo group where you can ask for help
LOVE MINE! Best $ ever spent!!!
Originally Posted by kaylacs View Post
I'm going to be getting my BBM templates in the mail soon, maybe I can figure it out for you
Can we see pics??? Maybe we could help you guys
Originally Posted by kittenlover7158 View Post
I don't like my BBM surround a loop templates. I feel like it is a waste of money. I like my other templates, just the surround a loop instruction book makes no sense, whatsoever. I can only manage to get two loops...? Can anybody point me in the right direction before I go completely crazy?

I am a very visual learner, and it skips a step in pictures and just tells you what to do in words. I don't like this. Please HELP!
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