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Default Re: Pointy/leaf tip bow instructions

9 - This is the bow all tied together. Normally I would consider this the reverse of the bow.

10 - This is the reverse. The original photo posted a while back had the hollow side of the bow (9) as the top layer and the flatter side of the bow (10) as the bottom layer (as far as I could tell).

11 - Trim the tail as you prefer (V or diagonal cut) and make another bow the same size or with 1/2" longer loops. In person, you can actually see the lower layer from the top, but when photographing bows, it seems that the top layer always ends up looking larger than it actually is. I have only 1/4" tails for the lower layer, but you can have tails on both layers if you like. Really, just play with it till it looks the way YOU like it.

I also need to mention that "prleaf" adds a shank button to the center so the shank fits down into the folds and she sews through all the folds, securing the shank that way. Also, you do not have to do a W fold. That's just the way I did it to make it easier for the tutorial. You can do a bunch of mountains if you like ^^^^.
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