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Angry Stolen photo!!

So I am new to the facebook business page and needed some fans so I donated a few items to different auctions going on. Today I was on my personal page and one of the boutiques I have posted something about new Easter clippies and I clicked on it and it was MY picture of a bunny and carrot clip that I was auctioning but the bunny had been cropped out and her watermark had been put on it. I nicely commented on the picture that i would appreciate it if she was going to use my picture, that she give my boutique credit and it was taken down immediately (which I do appreciate) but at the same time isn't it kind of false advertising to use someone elses pictures and have your customers thinking its going to look a certain way and then they get it and its completely different. It's partially my fault for not watermarking with my business name but I guess I was naive in thinking people were honest.. Granted I definitely do not have a patent on the clippie and got the idea myself online somewhere but changed it up of course not to completely copy someone elses idea but I would never use someone else's picture because I didn't make what was in the picture!!! Had to vent a little sorry
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