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Default Re: help with tutu...please

Ill be nice and share my secret. When I make a tutu I tie 2 pieces of tulle on the elastic... then tie 2 more on the first loop. (between the tulle and elastic. HTH! BIG FLUFFY TUTUS!

Originally Posted by maudie65 View Post
Ok so I made my oldest dd a tutu for her birthday a few weeks ago. I posted it and got really good feedback. But I really want to make a fluffy tutu. And I dont know how to. I googled "how to make a tutu". But found nothing for a full tutu. I even read a few threads on hg on how to. Some ladies say use the up and down method. I just still dont get it.
My problem with the tutu I recently made is when I put the tutu on my dd I can still see the elastic. Like a few gaps and if I put more elastic it stretches out. I dont know how much tulle I used but I know it wasnt that much.
Are there any good tuts for fluffy tutus? I looked on etsy but didnt find any for full tutus.

Here is the tutu I like. Really full and not bulky at the top.

And here is the tutu I made for my daughter.
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