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Default Re: any reviews on imaginisce i-magicut? ribbon sealer

Okay, I had to get one just to play around with and I cannot get a V to cut all the way through Schiff or Offray grosgrain. It says for folded ribbon to press an additional 2 times or more and I did up to 12 extra times and it just would not go all the way through the lower layer. It does work on satin and sheer ribbon although mine did stick together at the tips and then you have to iron the crease out of the ribbon so I will stick with my old method of cutting V's. It works fine on single layers although I did have to press additional times to get it to cut through polka dots.

For cutting hairclip strips, I would mark an inch from the end of the ribbon and then every 4 1/2 inches so you know where to cut through. (You do need a bit of overhang at the start of the ribbon, hence the extra inch unless you want to just mark every 4 1/2 inches and use a woodburner or lighter on the end of the first piece.)

I have to wonder how long that very thin piece of wire will last!
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