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Default Re: Ordering Fake Bow Samples

I guess having been burned a few times (and being a NY-er LOL) I don't give people the benefit of the doubt, but here is my take.

I am the one she pulled the cancer card with. I offered for her to buy the cancer bow from my store & I would credit her the full price of the bow and shipping when they placed the order, so essentially a free sample....and heard NOTHING back, not even a thank you, we aren't interested, we don't have the money to pay for a sample...NOTHING. This leads me to believe she was simply looking for a free bow and nothing more. Also, if she was looking for team bows typically (from all of the teams I work with) they tell you the team or gym name...this was simply her own name. I guess I am a bit jaded and oversensitive on the cancer issue, but I am really angry after finding all of this out.

If someone can please PM me the gym owners info I would really like to bring this to their attention as well.
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