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Default Re: Ordering Fake Bow Samples

I want to start by saying I agree with not sending free samples. But I wanted to say that from reading through all this, I don't think she is necessarily pulling the cancer card to get a free bow. I know that our cheer squads all order pink hair bows, headbands, spirit wear, etc. for October games to support breast cancer research. Since she only brought that up to the one shop about getting the breast cancer bling bows makes me think it is probably true. I guess it doesn't hurt for her to ask for free samples, the worst you all can say is no. I get the feeling this girl is legit, just not very educated on how to order bows. But if she is asking every cheer bow maker she can find, I betcha someone will send her free samples, so maybe she is being smart about it if they've had bad luck in the past.

But then again, I tend to give the benefit of the doubt and I could be completely off, wouldn't be the first time LOL!

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