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Default Re: Question About Twisted Boutique Loops

I don't know if my observations have anything to do with the different looks, but I do notice 2 things. First yours is upside down from the one you prefer. Meaning the horizontal part of the lower ribbon (behind the loops) is in front of the horizontal part of the upper ribbon on your bow so it will look a bit different because of that anyway. You see how the opening of lower loops on yours look a bit closer together than the upper ones?

Second thing is, the bow you want yours to look like has many more folds in the center than yours. It looks like you just folded yours twice like this ^^ if you were to look at it from the side. The other one looks like it might have 5 "mountains" - ^^^^^, maybe they used a gatorbite or sewed through with a lot of small stitches. I think yours is very cute though!
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