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Default Re: Mini tails down bow?

Originally Posted by belizeancutie View Post
I tried it last night and my estimates were off. I ended up with a 1.75" bow and the "tail" was originally to short. I'd try 5" or a little bit longer for the tuxedo bows and then 2 1/2" for the "tail".
I also tried it using the girly things tails down bow tutorial (I can't access the site from work so I can't give the exact link). I used 13" and that gave me a 2" bow. If you want longer tails you use 13 1/2 or 14".

I'll attach my results. The green is the 1.75" I made using my first suggestion, only change I made is that I used a 2" strip to make the tail. The hello kitty I made using the girly things tutorial, it was harder to get the loops even. The tails were originally longer but I suck at making V-cuts, so I wasted some of the length

The template ones are very pretty.
Ohhh, yours are very pretty too! I will try with those measurements! I suck at v-cuts too..I sometimes ruin otherwise perfect bows trying to make the v-cut!
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