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Default Re: Mini tails down bow?

Originally Posted by daisyrose305 View Post
Aww all my babies have been preemies so I know how they need everything just a wee bit smaller

Your bow looks like it was made 5/8 using template 2
but here is an example of how they turn out using the templates, it's the ONLY way I can make them...

this one is 7/8 ribbon with template 3

and this is 5/8 ribbon template 3

I have a few colors in 5/8 and would be happy to make you some if you'd like! Just send me a message!
Ohh, yours are so pretty! I'm going to try the way the other lady suggested and if that doesn't work, I think I'm going to give in and buy a no bow no go. I keep hearing how awesome it is, so I think I'll give it a try! Thanks! Are you on etsy?
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