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Default Re: Websites and or Facebook?

Originally Posted by dhelt View Post
What webhosting/website service do you use for $8? that sounds aforable to me!
Wow, 75-100 bows is awesome... I would love to make bows full time Are these high school competitions? I thougth of trying one out next year if I can find one that doesn't have someone. do you sell alot of school color bows (you reasearch who will be there type thing) or just fun bows, ect.... I would appreciate any ideas, I would have probally never tougth to take that many!
I use wahmshoppes as my website host. It is affordable and easy to use. I sell mainly at high school and rec league comps. I don't usually do school color bows, but mainly fun and themed bows. The girls usually have to wear team bows when they are wearing their unis, and are looking for bows to wear to their practices when they aren't wearing school colors, so I try to focus on that. I do have a lot of HS teams and allstar gyms that I sell to, so I try to stick to fun bows for comps and web sales and team/school colors for team orders.
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