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Default Re: Websites and or Facebook?

Originally Posted by missy545 View Post
Hello Cheer Bow makers!! Do most of you have websites and or facebook pages or both?

I have been working on both of mine for the last month and boy is it a lot of work! For the last few years, I just did word of mouth and was doing fine with it. But now we have moved to another state and the high school my daughter is at is 4 times the size of her old one so now I am going to have to work harder to make the sales.

I am working in a brochure, I know somewhere on here I saw that someone else has done this so any advice would be great!

Also how do you find local competitions to have tables at? I haven't done this before because I was working full time but since I seem to have a lot of time on my hands (as well as cheerbows), I think I want to try it!
Thinking maybe to contact the cheer coach directly? Or make a sample bow in the teams colors and find out what time a practice is and stop by toward the end and introduce yourself and have your information and the bow with you and give the bow as a "gift/sample" of what you can do.

Another thing is to find out the youth cheer teams in the area. Facebook is a good way to and do the same thing. I got started becuase my daugther cheered and I am on a youth cheer board. We decided to make bows for our girls as part of thier uniform (we are all "crafty) and I perfected and got hooded from there. Once everyone seen what I had to offer in school colors I sold a ton (offerd streamers, korkers and cheer bows for the younger ones), now I do quite a few area schools youth and high school teams just by word of mouth. It took a year ( I did not advertize it was just word of mouth but if I had I think it would have took off much faster.) This year I am going to do exactly what I said above to introduce myself to other teams in the area.

I right now only have a FB page, I am having a hard time finding a reasonable website that is easy.

To find local competitions I would look at your state High school Athletic association, they should have meets listed then you would contact the school to find out how to get a spot. Also check into the Young Champion Cheer teams in your area.

HTH some... Just my ideas....
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