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Default Re: Snapping elastics

Originally Posted by CheerBowCouture View Post
elastics are a pain because of how many do snap however, I have found that the ones that can be ordered off line like RABOM has on their site and other "knock off" brand elastics, suck. I had ordered about 1000 from RABOM and when I received them I took one out and pulled on it as I always do, it snapped instantly. I tossed all of those elastics. Scuncii is the best IMO and I do not use anything else.

Also when attaching the elastics I always attach them with the seam of the elastic, opposite of the center wrap. This is so if/when an elastic snaps, the girls can tie their bows in their hair.

They are actually more secure and less likely to fall out if the bow is tied into the hair with elastics however I am not so sure customers would appreciate getting their orders with the elastics already snapped LOL.
I agree the ones from RABOM are HORRIBLE. I also attach my elastic with seams facing out.

Originally Posted by TexanBows View Post
When she has a full up pony we probably use 4 before the bow goes in half up we use 2-3, and then when we do put in in I pull it to the base of all the elastics that are in and wrap, I have never had a bow fall out. It also makes them stand up perfectly while in the hair instead of flopping over.
You are putting your bows in properly, unfortunately the majority of girls (especially the HS ones here) do not even when you give them written instructions with their bows!

Originally Posted by lilgapch View Post
I stitch my elastic to bow and the wrap center ribbon around rubber band and haven't had any fall apart
Unfortunately the problem isn't them falling apart it is the bow and elastic staying together and the elastic snapping in half still attached which isn't something we can fix with out bow making skills LOL
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