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Default Re: Wonder Women Headband

Originally Posted by nicolegoodrich View Post
I am a novice at sewing, so I would prefer the headband base to be ribbon or material I can heat n bond onto material. I don't have a problem sewing the elastic though =). Thankfully I only need to make 25 of these things !
Actually, sewing would be simple if you have a machine...the bottom would be a straight stitch, and really the top would be too...just going up to the point. Then you could sew the elastic to the material just like you would ribbon.

My only guess with ribbon would be to cut the form from cardstock or something, and try wrapping it, but I dont know how the point would come out.

Unless you used wide enough ribbon and actually cut the point shape into it and heat sealed...but then it would not be very stiff at all to hold that would concern me.

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