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Default Re: Wonder Women Headband

Originally Posted by nicolegoodrich View Post
I have been asked to make a 'wonder woman' headbands for a dance team. Does anyone have pics of anything like this that they might have? Thanks!
They want it out of ribbon? Or do they care if it is done some other way? Searching the net I found bows done in the colors of Wonder Woman with a bottle cap in the center, but to actually make her only idea would be to cut the headband shape out in card stock, then wrap the band in the ribbon, but the points/curves may be tricky, and then do the elastic at the back for the stretch to wear the headband....

Now if you could sew it, that would be easy, just need to make the shape and have the gold colored fabric you would want...

Sorry, probably not much help, that is an odd one to me. LOL

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