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The quality is GARBAGE...I had 4 teams come to me to buy bows this season after they bought their bows from omnicheer (and other comporable sites). They didn't want to spend the $12-15 I was charging (for much fancier-more intricate bows I might add) and went for the low price.

After one wearing the ribbons were falling apart, freying etc. They overall just looked like crap.

My suggestion is do NOT try to match their price. It is junk imported and mass produced in China. Make them a sample also so that they can compare quality. Set your price & that is it. I would obviously give a discount for ordering 100pcs over ordering 1 or 5, but not a 3.95 per pc price.

I have never made that style of bow, so I don't know the materials or time involved, but I would think $6-8 would be the lowest possible per pc price.
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