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You have to think she is purchasing 100 of them. But then again you have to add in your cost and time also. I would give her wholesale price. I don't make cheer bows but to figure my price I figure out how much per inch the ribbon costs me. You also have the fabric and if you use heat bond. I use glue I don't figure that in. Maybe charge like .10 cents for heat n bond on all of them. Once you have the price per inch you multiply that by how many inches of fabric and ribbon you used. Then decide how much you want to get paid for your time. I use a flat rate but other girls actually say x amount for x hours. So if it takes you 1 hour to make 3 and you want to make $6 an hour then for every 3 bows you would use $6. Or $2 a bow. Also don't forget your pony o. Say .10 for each pony o. Here is an example:

.10 heat n bond
.60 for ribbon
$1 for fabric
$2 for time
.10 for pony o

1 bow would cost $3.80 to make.

I would then double that for wholesale and double it again for individual. You could even do a bigger discount buy x get them for x.... etc.

Hope that is clear as mud. LOL!!!!! I have a hard time explaining it.
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