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Question Probably a stupid bows for newbie to master?

SOOO, it seems the craft fairy skipped me when it gaves powers to the rest of my family My mom is a self taught jack of all trades LOL My sister can do the ribbon sculptures, my other sister is an artist, and even MY daughter (who is 7) can mold clay and draw like an artist LOL SO, I am trying to find my "craft" and thought I'd try my hand at making bows. I have very small hands, so holding things are hard for me at times. I've been searching the threads for tips, suggestions, etc. I LOVE everything I've found so far, and it's been a BIG BIG help.

I know some bows will take some time to learn, but was wondering what is best for a newbie to start out with mastering. I am watching tutorials on the pinwheel bow, yet some are different than others. Do the tails go between the loops to fill the gap? or in front or behind one of the loops (as I've seen in some instructions). Thanks for any input. I will try and post a couple pictures once I get a couple decent bows for suggestions on them also. If anyone has a good link for how you learned a basic bow or pinwheel, I'd appreciate it. I've read and tried just about all the ones I've found on here and youtube. I just get frustrated and confused with different ways they turn out, and again, the sewing fairy skipped me, so a simple stitch and dealing with the needle and thread is work for me Thank you again!!
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