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Default Re: Clip in feather extensions

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
I'm really wanting to do some of these for a show coming up. I would be making them on clips from the feathers, maybe even using the crimp breads? I've google'd how to make feather extensions and hair extensions and I'm not really seeing a method I love. Has anyone done this? Any tips?
I use snap clips and really thin what I call "Indian" Cord. I buy the cord at michaels with my coupon for like 2$ and I can get about 20 or so extensions out of it. The nice thing is that on the card it comes on it has 4 different colors, that blend nicely with hair so you really can't tell that they are clip-ins. I then use pony beads that coordinate with the feather colors to help hold the feathers in place. I usually use just a drop of hot glue to secure it all together. They turn out real cute and depending where I'm doing a show they either sell out or don't sell at all. HTH
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