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Default Snapping elastics


I am a team Mom for a HS cheer team. I recently made cheer bows using the following technique:

I layered 3 grosgrain ribbons using heat-n-bond. I formed my loops, and pinched the center. Before I attached the clear zip-tie (or cable tie) to the center, I positioned an elastic hairband against the back of the bow, centered and pulled the zip-tie around the elastic to secure. I then wrapped ribbon around the center of the bow twice and secured with a few dabs of glue gun.

Can someone tell me why the elastics keep snapping? I paid more for the good quality elastics. Are the zip-ties too tight? I thought this was a really good idea because I dislike using glue ... then I have the elastic getting ripped off because it's not secure. I've had to repair 3 bows already.

I realize no one else I know uses this technique. Is it because the elastics are known to snap? Or are the girls pulling and tugging too hard? They are told to use a base elastic for their ponytail and then add the bow.

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