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Default New Spam Issue

You all remember getting the first emails, right? The ones from the magazines that were stemming from modeling services?
Who started it?
I'm so tired of the s p a m!! I get numerous emails. Somewhere along the way my email addy was copied or sold or handed over and it's creating a big issue with regard to clogging up my inbox. Now I'm getting a bunch of emails not only from the models I've worked with but others as well.
Fb page links, magazine links, etc. All seem to stream back to the original model service..
I don't know where these are all coming from. I did work w/LMBebe but none other than this one.

I should also edit here to say.. THe only messages I got from BAF were the ones when it was sold to them. I am referencing all the spam I got after the switch from EB.

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