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Default Re: First order! Help! 475 mini bows!

Ribbon Retreat Wholesale has excellent customer service and is the cheapest I have found (at least on the 3" grosgrain) with the best quality. Their shipping is also lightning fast.

I would definitely assembly line it, at least 100 pcs at a time, if not all. Plus this way you don't have to store 475 folded bows. Right now I have 2 gym orders of 140 bows each & I am doing the lot of them as an assembly line. cut the ribbon, then HNB & cut fabric, iron, iron and more iron, then cut and seal ends, mark & fold. Once they are folded, they go right into the shipping boxes and out the door..this way they don't sit around getting smooshed and squished. I know yours are mini bows but 475 will still take up alot of space.
Good Luck with it!!
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