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Default Re: First order! Help! 475 mini bows!

Originally Posted by nicolegoodrich View Post
Thanks ladies! My husband is worried that when its crunch time he will end up helping me in my time of need, thankfully they are not needed until May so that is good, I think if I just make a schedule of things to do I will be fine! Do you recommend Ribbon Retreat Wholesale site for the purchase of the ribbon?
I would definitely not keep telling myself that they're not needed until May. I'm the type of person that would let May sneak up on me, then be stuck doing a lot ina a little bit fo time!! I would def do it in steps. Maybe cut/seal ribbonwhile you're watching TV at night. Thats a lot of bows and if they're all the exact same bow, you will get bored real fast! I would make 20 bows, then work on a nother step. Maybe get as many as you can done early, then you have time at the end if you need a break?!?!? I would also say TRRW would be a good place to order a big amount of ribbon. Good luck and congrats on such a big order! I've made 30 matching cheer bows, but thats about all I could handle!!
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