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Default Re: How to make this tulle hairbow

I make a tulle flower that is similar to the first pic you posted. I make a stack of 6" x 10" (approx.) tulle strips (sorry, I don't really measure, just judge it by how full you want the flower) and fold them in half length-wise, then in half length-wise again. It may help if you use pins to hold the tulle straight because it does like to slide around. Then take a threaded needle and stitch all the way down one side of the stack of tulle. Gather the tulle and guide it into a circle and sew it together. (Basically, you should be sewing the beginning and end of the strips together) Then just trim down the flower to desired size, put your center on and fluff.

I realize that I am terrible at explaining things. If you need further direction, let me know and I will be happy to take pics.
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