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Default Re: Cheap photo backdrop/floor? YES!

FYI - I didn't read all of the post so if this has already been said then sorry.

I was able to buy this same floor/ paper at Micheals Arts and Crafts. It was cheap but I can't remember the org. price. I and printed out a coupon for 40% percent off or something. They have them available on their website all the time. My final cost was $3.51...Super great and no shipping. I called ahead to make sure they had it. It's in the children's craft section/ teachers supply area. I used half of it in one day and I trashed it when we finished due to wrinkles and damage. Photo's were made of 9 little girls ages 4 months -12 years old. I don't have pictures yet since they are still with the photographer or I would share. I hope this helps someone.
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