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Default Re: Backpack and Map (Dora the Explorer)

Originally Posted by Jameeleigh View Post
Ok, question, first of all, those are adorable, second of all, do you hand cut all your little pieces? Like map and back pakcks mouth and stuff? And how do you seal all the edges without ruining the nice cuts you made? I'm new to this and i was trying to make something completely different than what you made, but that has the same cuts that you did (it's an owl and has like little thumbnail looking pieces for the belly (just like the mouths on yours). Yours look perfect! And what do you use as adhesive, I guess would be the right word,hot glue?
Thanks s much, sorry for the ignorance, i kniw nothing! I have 2 little girls and just want to make them some fun things...that they will possibly destroy soon after putting them in:-)

I'm more than happy to help! I started out using grosgrain ribbon but I didn't continue using ribbon for the mouths because it was extremely hard for them to keep their shapes after heat sealing so I used felt instead. And yes, I did hot glue the mouths on. The felt I used was just your basic craft felt that can be found at just about any craft store... or if you already have some on-hand you can use that.

hope that helps and good luck! post pics when you're done. I'd love to see how your owls turn out.

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