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Default Re: Help with bow please!

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
that would be fantastic! i've been fooling around with 5/8" ribbon and folding like you did the 3/8 (in 1/2) . . . did 3 bows - 4" & 3" and 2" loops .

on the 4" one - i turned/flipped each loop . . . on your 2nd pic the fold is down/ends up . . . and when you flip the loop around, the fold is up and ends are down . . . makes the bow look so different.

i did it in black ribbon and pic didn't come out well, so i'll do it in a lighter ribbon & post the pic so you'll know what i'm saying.
Actually, I used 5/8" ribbon in that photo, 2 1/2" loops. The upper bow in the original photo is the bow with the edges up as in my 2nd photo and I believe the base is the very same bow (maybe not with tails) with the edges down. It also appears that both bows might be the same size, but it could be the same problem I have where when I photograph layered bows, the top one always looks bigger than it really is.
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