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Default Re: Add another facebook page to the list of thieves today

Originally Posted by my2squirrels View Post
Great. I didn't hear that but I did notice she is gone from Bownanas, OSBB, and Boutique Trends. I created a new FB to look up her info (where I'm not blocked) and they don't show up as groups she belongs to anymore. Have you tried Googling? Her shop name is Frilly Lilly's Bowtique.

She got found out by buying items for another HG by posing as a buyer and then re-selling them as her own on her FB page. She said my picture was "her new headband" and your pictures were in her actual albums. She told another member that my picture was posted to her wall by someone else. Yeah right. And she just happened to crop the watermark and caption it as her own...

ETA--In this thread she talks about how annoying it is to have your pictures stolen
I didn't see that she was gone from the other groups, but I know Jessica removed her from her group (thank you Jessica!). I was able to see her page by logging in to a proxy website so I could still see her FB page (thank you to my awesome husband), and noticed that it seems she is finally taking down at least some pictures - mine are gone. If anyone needs me to double-check for them, just let me know. Some people...

ETA: That's thank you to Jessica H-Q!

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