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Default Sending items directly to a photographer

I recently contacted a wonderful photographer to trade items with and she agree'd! I'm so excited! I use different agencies, Little Diamond Models, Boutique Beauties etc but haven't really worked directly with someone that isn't related to HG

Anyways I'm wondering what all I need to do to cover my behind and the photogs. Normally I send out a model release form with the products but what should I do with the photog? Do they generally let the parents know that they are trading the photos and that their child will be on the internet? I know they have full rights to do what they want with the photos but I wouldn't want any upset parents contacting me telling me to take their child off my website.

Also how do you deal with turnaround times? Do you send the stuff when they have someone scheduled or?

If there is anything I missed, or something you wish you knew before you traded directly with a photographer please let me know. I hope this makes sense and isn't too scatter brained. Thanks!
♥ Dana
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