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Default Re: Help with bow please!

Originally Posted by barleymom View Post
It looks like all those tutorials make this bow with two separate pieces of ribbon. I make it with one piece and it's really very simple, basically you loop the ribbon back and forth like a mountain switchback, always keeping the right side up.

I think this was my very first tutorial attempt from a few years ago which I call the leaf tip bow. Here's the short version - First photo shows the layout of the ribbon. This one I did with 5/8" ribbon. The second is what I would call the back of the bow. (The loops are actually all the same size, but I think the smaller loops just look smaller because they are squished between the tails and the first loops on either side and are also flatter to the cutting mat than the "larger" loops.) The way I see it, the original photo has the bottom layer right side up and the top layer bottom side up.
thank you! the pics are worth 1,000 words . . . when i read "mountain switchback" - i got confused/said huh? but the pic said it all!
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